Introducing Rolec’s EV OpenCharge range; a selection of smart electric vehicle charging points, suitable for all locations, whether that be for fleet requirements, workplaces, public car parks and more.

The range is complete with both AC Fast and DC Rapid EV chargers, providing a future-proof charging solution to meet the current demand for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. As standard, the chargepoints are equipped with Rolec’s back office management platform, EV Charge Online; however, businesses and organisations are able to choose their own software provider due to the range’s OCPP compatibility.

Chargepoint operators are able to offer both pay-to-charge (operated via mobile phone) and authorise-to-charge (operated via RFID card/fob) options to their employees and visitors, whilst gaining the ability to generate additional revenue from chargepoint usage transactions. The flexible pricing model feature enables chargepoint operators to implement charging prices suited to their business requirements, providing them with capabilities to change tariffs as and when required.

For businesses and organisations, the EV OpenCharge range introduces significant benefits, particularly with the chargepoint management dashboard as they are able to understand and digest historical, real time and analytical data. Remote over the air firmware updates also creates substantial cost savings and time, allowing seamless upgrades without the need for engineers to visit business premises.

Pay-to-charge via mobile phone
Authorise-to-charge via RFID card/fob
Private/public/fleet solutions
Chargepoint management dashboard
Real-time, historical & analytical reporting
Remote over the air firmware updates
Remote charging tariff updates
Manage your own chargepoints

Whether you’ve electrified your fleet of vehicles or choosing to offer EV charging to your visitors, our expert team are here to walk you through your journey. For more information contact us now.

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