As we move into the second half of the year the EV market is continuing to expand at an exponential rate. Here at RB Electrical the demand for both Home and Workplace Electric Vehicle charging solutions has followed that trend. This is not surprising when you look at the headline numbers which show just how far the EV market has come in a relatively short space of time:

There are now more than 130 fully or part electric vehicles available to buy or lease in the UK from practically all major manufacturers.

260,000 Pure-electric cars on UK roads at the end of Many 2021 with 535,000 plug in models (Including PHEVs)

24,673 public EV charge points currently in the UK with 42,386 charge point connectors.

Currently Shell has over 100 on-forecourt charging points in the United Kingdom and is growing every month. Their aim is to install 200 charge points (both 50kW and 150kW) on forecourts by the end of 2021.

Yesterday’s announcement regarding Envisions new gigafactory which will eventually provide batteries to power up to 100,000 Nissan electric vehicles a year is another example of this growth, and with the Governments pledge to ban all new petrol and diesel cars by 2030 this only going to continue.

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