Solar Panel Installers Halifax:


We are solar panel installers in Halifax. RB Electric can install a full range of high efficiency Solar PV & Battery Storage Solutions for your home or business in and around Halifax. We have a highly experienced team of fully qualified engineers. We use our expertise to find exactly the right the right solution for you. Using only the highest quality Photovoltaic Panels (PVs) and Battery Storage Systems all supplied locally, fitted by our expert team an all full guaranteed.


With energy bills on the rise there has never been a more important time to improve the thermal efficiency of your property, and with every improving product performance and the development of battery storage technology the pay back times for PVs are hugely reduced

  • Protect Yourself against significantly rising electricity costs
  • Generate an income from Government feed-in tariff, which paying an amount per kWh of the electricity generated
  • Add value to your property and invest in the future of your home or business
  • Sustainability: Solar electricity production is a green renewable energy source and is carbon neutral an emits no green houses gases when produced
  • Solar Panels can operate in conjunction with other technologies effectively providing a lower cost model (Electric Vehicle Charging Points / Air Source Heat Pumps etc . For example, the electricity generated from the Solar Panels can be stored via the battery storage system which could then be used at a later date to power an Electric Vehicle Charging Point or primary heating system such as an air source heat pump. 

If you need more information see the Energy Saving Trusts advice on solar panels.

Solar Panel Installers Halifax

Our Process

Once contacted we will arrange to visit your home or premises. Initially we will carry out a needs based assessment where we will gain a full understanding of your requirements. We will then undertake a comprehensive site survey to assess the property. Considerations include roof construction and area, building orientation, over shading, system usage and overall requirements. We will then produce a written report. We will assess the feasibility of the project including KW System requirements. Providing you will average pay back times costing and completion timescales. 


Solar Panels

The sunlight from the sun is first absorbed by the photovoltaic cells producing DC energy, this is then converted to useable AC energy by a converter which can be used as electricity as required to light and heat your property, or alternatively stored for later use.


This relatively new technology has transformed the productivity and pay back times of Solar Panels by storing electricity within the battery to be used as required.


The Power stored within the Battery Storage Unit can be connected to your EV Charger and used to charge your electric vehicle through fully renewable and free source.


The energy from both the solar panels directly and within the Battery Storage Unit is used for producing electricity to power your home as well as providing heat via conventional electric heater or Air Source Heat Pump systems.